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WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: This product contains small parts. It is not a toy and only suitable for the persons over 15 years old.

MakeToys MTRM-09 Downbeat - Reissue


Figure stands approximately 23CM/6.5" tall in robot mode.


£ 84.99

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A pretty 'Jazzy' figure

Downbeat is a great third-party representation of a Masterpiece scale Jazz. He's a mixture of the design aesthetic of the old G1 toy and the animation model, with great proportions and buckets of character. The robot mode is a really good likeness and offers the choice of doors in or out, so you can go toon or toy. His primary face sculpt is great, with a fantastic chromed blue visor (the alternate faces are a little too goofy/shouty for my liking though). He's pretty weighty for a car bot and holds poses really well thanks to some nice stiff joints. The alt mode is also well realised and the transformation is reminiscent of the original G1 toy, which is nice. The only real negative about the alt mode is the unsightly gap at the rear of the car, due to the way in which the pieces form his legs. It's not great, but neither is it terrible.

The figure is accompanied by a satisfying collection of extras. Apart from the two alternate faces and a photon rifle you also get a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, a grappling hook (from 'More Than Meets the Eye') and an assortment of speakers. Jazz was one of my favourite Autobot figures as a kid and Downbeat easily ranks among my favourite car bots as an adult. He's well worth the asking price and looks fantastic as part of a G1 collection. I honestly can't see Takara doing significantly better than this if and when they eventually get around to releasing an official Jazz.

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MakeToys MTRM-09 Downbeat - Reissue

MakeToys MTRM-09 Downbeat - Reissue

Figure stands approximately 23CM/6.5" tall in robot mode.